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Pet Stain & Odour Removal – 100% safe for pets!

Applegreen Carpet Cleaning & Floor Solutions provides professional pet urine odour removal from carpet and upholstery. 100% safe for pets!

Pets will urinate on carpets out of fear, anxiety or purely out of need. Young or new pets that are untrained will also use your home as a bathroom before they learn to do it outside.

Too much pet urine in carpet can quickly lead to permanent damage. The urine will eventually corrode carpet fibers, carpet pads and even underlay.

Depending on the age and diet of your pet, the impact of their urine on your carpet will differ. Diets that are high in protein will produce dark urine that stains carpets. Diets that are high in carbs, such as corn, will not stain carpets as strongly but produce a strong odour.

Cats usually eat food with more protein than dogs. This is why cat urine has a strong odour, and stains more than dog urine. The good thing about cats is that they don’t urinate when they are scared, unlike dogs.

However, cats will spray urine in your home when they reach sexual maturity to mark their territory.

Cat urine (while spraying) also contains testosterone, which will increase the harshness of the urine. Cats usually spray things such as couches and vertical surfaces, but it’s not uncommon for the urine to contaminate carpets as well.

Older pets’ urine will not stain as bad because their bodies produce less uric acid resulting in lesser Pet Stain, However the odour will be a lot stronger. This means that younger pets’ urine is stronger in staining carpets. Also since young pets are often untrained for the first couple of months, they will be urinating a lot on your carpet.

If you need your carpet cleaned to remove urine stains and odour, then give us a call today. Our carpet cleaning services are fast and affordable.

Pet Urine Stain and Odour Removal Service

Removing pet urine stains and odour from carpets is not about dumping chemicals on the stained area and then trusting it all to work out. Some chemicals can be harmful to humans and pets, and can also harm your carpet and the latex tuft that holds it to the underlay.

At Applegreen Carpet Cleaning & Floor Solutions we use machines designed for deep cleaning, and unlike some other cleaning services, we don’t just rely on chemicals that merely mask odours and stains.

Our machines use powerful spray jets and special vacuums that will give you the best results possible. If the underlay has been damaged underneath by pet urine, we will also let you know right away so you can take the necessary steps in sorting it.

Applegreen Carpet Cleaning & Floor Solutions are dedicated to providing our customers with a punctual, reliable and affordable service. In addition to our urine stain and odour removal, we also offer a lot of other carpet cleaning services.

Please call us today for all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.

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